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Prabhu Padharamani

Shrimad Vallabhacharya has promoted pushti marg with an intention of having a seva in your own home. Prabhi Padharamani is to educate vaishnav to do a seva at their home for a period of a week to a month. Vaishnav will perform shringar, prepare samagari, sing dhol and kirtans while having Thakorji at their home in a regular basis. It also gives an opportunity to invite friends and families in sharing the joy of seva and have blissful enviornment with Thakorji at home. 

Mrs. Sandhya and Mr. Mukesh Shah   Mrs. Heena Majmudar

919 467 6865                                     919 539 3848

Mrs. Manisha and Mr. Yogesh Patel

919 622 4514

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